School Profile

Caguas Private School is a bilingual educational institution, whose firm purpose is to offer an excellent education based on an innovative and highly technological curriculum. CPS is focused on the continuing progress of interactive learning to develop comprehensive instruction in their students with a positive attitude.

Every school claims to be unique, but we believe Caguas Private School genuinely offers a vibrant, nurturing educational environment. We hope the website contains all the information you need but it cannot capture the special atmosphere of the school.

Our Campus

Caguas Private School is located in Caguas, just minutes away from Walmart Supercenter and Plaza Centro Mall. Caguas Private School is an attractive campus surrounded with green areas for a more comfortable learning environment. Our facilities main purpose is to provide a comfortable and safety environment for both students and faculty members.

We are excited you are considering Caguas Private School as a possible institution for your child’s academic preparation. Interested parents are welcome to contact the Administration office to arrange campus tours. To schedule a tour, please contact the Administration Office @ 787.258.5657 or email