Our School Programs

Through their offerings, Caguas Private School has as an objective to provide a better alternative to growing educational demands. By the means of a variety of classes, programs, and activities, we provide a unique experience to the student community. Our class program includes:

Curriculum aligned with the educational standards and expectations of learning. (Innovative, Highly technological, Enriched)

Mimio Board Displays

Online Books

Surveillance Cams

Fine Arts (Painting, Acting, Dance)

Uniforms and Books Shop

Class Coordinator

Bilingual Education

Sports League Program (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer)

Health Class

Student organizations (Co-curricular, extracurricular, and recreational activities)

Technology Class (Robotics and Cinematography, Programming, Principles of Computing, Operative Systems)

Home economics and industrial arts (Baking, Interior Design, Budget Management, Parenthood, Sewing, Family Life)

Values Class

Physical Education

Conversational English

Virtual Library


Vocational Test

Advanced College Board Test

College Board Test at School

Pre SAT Test

University Counseling

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